GTR Builds on the Success of First Capital Connect

Last year we reported on how pleased First Capital Connect was with the network diagram we re-designed for them. It was a deceptively simple-looking network that was more tricky to make look simple than may meet the eye.

"We approached FWT to help us develop and design a network map suitable for our complex newly merged network. They became an integral part of the development team, bringing with them a wealth of experience in transport mapping, but also a willingness to experiment and innovate. The resulting maps for GTR and its sub-brands will form a key part in our customer communications for the UK's biggest passenger railway".

Mark Jansen, Customer Information Manager. GTR

With the operations of Great Northern, Thameslink, Gatwick Express and Southern now under the overall management of Govia, branded Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), we were delighted when they approached us to produce their wide range of network  diagrams.

Working closely with such an open-minded and co-operative client was a true pleasure and they were very willing to take on new ideas that departed, very successfully it seems, from some often unquestioned and inappropriate design ideals.

The brief included variants for all four brands, as well as individual ones, and all with the ability to display disabled access and staffing levels at the flick of a switch. This, coupled with colour-coded service pattern details, made for an interesting challenge. Users of Southern will be aware that it has complex train services.

We believe the geographical shape of any network coupled with its general service pattern features, must be reflected in the visuality of the way it is portrayed for ease of use. Usability was of paramount importance in the designs we created and sadly this is seldom the case with many such diagrams.

As well as the overall network, four individual network diagrams were designed and many others depicting individual services for website use. These are now being gradually rolled out in publicity and in carriages.