The Inner and Middle Temple

Actually – FWT produces all manner of wayfinding products; anything to do with graphic communication in fact.

We are proud to have been appointed by the Estate Managers of the Inner and Middle Temples to devise, design and implement signage and mapping products throughout their grounds.

This is a hugely historic area of central London and needs very careful consideration and treatment. The existing signage is not bad but in need of improvement, though we cannot interfere with the spell-binding character of the buildings and courtyards.

Visitors are welcomed but the preservation of the dignity of the whole area is of paramount importance. The signage must guide people, both members of the public and professionals alike. The signage must be functional but visually delicate and unobtrusive. This is a real challenge.
We must also devise and install signage that can be easily removed, as the area is used for filming purposes and the last thing wanted in any scenes are signs.